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  • 7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts
    Cataracts is one of the most common conditions that affect older adults. Cataracts are a condition where the lens of your eye becomes cloudy and makes it difficult to see. Read more
  • Early Symptoms of Macular Dystrophy
    Macular dystrophy is a serious condition that can affect people of any age. While it is often confused with macular degeneration, the two conditions are different. Macular dystrophy is characterized Read more
  • Dry Eye Tips for the Winter
    Winter air is so dry that it can cause the tear film over the front of the eyes to evaporate more quickly than it would during other times of the Read more
  • Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye
    When your eyes feel dry, irritated, and even painful, you may be suffering from dry eye. If you live in or around San Antonio with dry eyes, contact Dr. Trevino Read more
  • Sports Eye Safety
    Participating in almost every sport requires hand-eye coordination and accurate vision. It is necessary to focus on moving objects to play a sport well. The eye care team at Vision Read more
  • When Should My Child Get an Eye Exam?
    When Should My Child Get an Eye Exam? Your family should enjoy the services of a family eye care doctor who has experience working with adults and children. At Vision Source Read more
  • What are Polarized Glasses?
    What are Polarized Glasses? It is not easy to enjoy the sun's beauty when its glare blinds you. Direct sunlight can be dangerous to your eyes. Luckily, today's glasses can be Read more
  • Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses If you have vision issues, such as low vision, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, corrective lenses may be the solution. Should you choose glasses or contacts? For many Read more
  • The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups
    The Importance of Eye Care and Check-Ups Many people only schedule appointments with the eye doctor when they are having a vision problem. This is a mistake. It is essential that Read more
  • Signs of Sight Loss
    Signs of Sight Loss One of the most important senses to have is your vision. This is why annual eye exams with us here at Vision Source Castle Hills are extremely Read more
  • Signs Your Kids May Have Vision Problems
    Signs Your Kids May Have Vision Problems Vision is something most people take for granted. While you can tell when you are having a vision problem, your child may not. Children Read more
  • Benefits of Polarized Glasses
    Why Choose Polarized Lenses? Do you wonder what's all the excitement about polarized sunglasses? Do you think polarized is just another phrase floating around to convince you to spend some extra Read more
  • We Are Reopening- New Safety Protocol
    NEW SAFETY PROTOCOL - UPDATED 5/01/2020 At the Vision Source Castle Hills, the health of our patients, doctors, and associates is our top priority as we reopen to service your needs. Read more
  • COVID-19 Precautions
    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking extra precautions in our office. These precautions are in accordance with the CDC-Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Our goal is always to Read more
  • Healthy Aging and your eyes
    Healthy Aging and your eyes As we age, our eyes go through a few different changes. We might need glasses, our eyes may develop cataracts, and our eyes might become drier. Read more
  • Flex Spending
    Use Your Flexible Spending Account with Vision Source Castle Hills As the holiday season starts to roll around, people are trying to take care of their health. Many people have already Read more