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Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries Seen at Our Northern San Antonio, TX, Optometry Clinic

Some injuries are relatively easy to dismiss as minor annoyances, while others cause both agonizing pain and serious worry. Eye injuries definitely fall into the latter category. Damage to the sensitive tissues of the eye may lead to permanent vision loss, dangerous infections, and other horrific outcomes. Fortunately, Vision Source Castle Hills can come to your rescue. Our northern San Antonio, TX, optometry clinic can address a number of common eye injuries, while also educating you on how to prevent future eye injuries from occurring.


Eye Injury Examples

The eyes are fragile structures that are partly exposed to the outside world at all times (except for those split-seconds when you blink). This makes them vulnerable to such common injuries as:

  • Corneal abrasions - Windblown grit, chronic dry eye, or other external irritants can lead to scratching of the transparent corneas that allow light into the eyes. 
  • Blunt trauma injuries - A fist, baseball, or other object can cause blunt-force trauma to the eye and eye socket. 
  • Retinal detachment - A sharp impact to the eye or head can sometimes cause the retina to peel away from the back of the eye. This condition is a medical emergency.
  • Chemical burns - When the eyes are exposed to corrosive chemicals, they can sustain serious burns that lead to corneal scarring or blindness if left untreated.
  • Lacerations - Splinters of wood, metal, or other hard materials can be driven into the eye at high speed, embedding them in the tissue and introducing the risk of infection.

What to Do if You Have an Eye Injury

Your response to an eye injury should depend on the type of eye injury you've sustained. For instance, you should always flush a chemically-burned eye with water, but you should never do this for a cut or punctured eye. Call our clinic immediately for first-aid advice and then come directly to our office. We can irrigate your eyes, remove foreign objects, and diagnose any retinal conditions that may call for emergency treatment.

Even if your eyes aren't currently injured, we can educate you on smart precautions for avoiding eye injuries. Suggested strategies may include:

  • Using protective eyewear in potentially hazardous environments
  • Keeping your contact lenses clean, and wearing them only as directed
  • Keeping your dry eye under control (another issue we can help you with)

Vision Source Castle Hills Can Treat Your Eye Injury

Let Vision Source Castle Hills help you keep your eyes in good working order. Call our northern San Antonio office at 210-988-9518 to request eye injury treatment or learn more about how to prevent eye injuries!