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Pink Eye

Pink Eye Treatment at Vision Source Castle Hills

Unfortunately, Pink Eye is a contagious condition that anyone can contract. If you are suffering from symptoms from pink eye, it is best to contact Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio, TX to make an appointment with our optometry team for an assessment. Here is some information about this condition including signs to watch out for and steps to take to relieve symptoms.

Man With Potential Case Of Pink Eye

What Is Pink Eye?

"Pink Eye", or Conjunctivitis as it is known by its proper name, is a condition that affects that thin tissue located over the white portion of the eye and underneath the eyelid area. When this area becomes inflamed, a variety of symptoms are felt. Pink eye is extremely contagious and can be transferred to the eye simply by touching something that was touched by someone else with pink eye and then touching your own eye. For this reason, it is very important to wash your hands frequently to avoid the transferal of bacteria that affects the eyes.

Symptoms Of This Condition

If you contract pink eye, you will notice that your eyes become pink in color. Itchiness is one of the major symptoms felt with this condition. In addition, there may be crustiness upon the eyelids upon awakening. Some people also notice they have light sensitivity when they are suffering from pink eye. 

Finding Proper Relief

It is important to seek treatment if you are suffering from pink eye. Our optometrist will do an evaluation of your eyes and your vision to determine if any symptoms you are experiencing are indeed those of Conjunctivitis. If so, medication will be necessary to alleviate symptoms quickly. Seeing our optometrist promptly will help to keep others from catching the condition as well.

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