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Contact Lens Exams

If you are considering getting contacts, our expert team at Vision Source Castle Hills in North San Antonio is here to help you see the world the way you’ve always wanted to.


Why Contacts?

There are about as many reasons to get contact lenses as there are people who depend on them. If you work outside in the San Antonio heat, engage in a competitive sport or play just for the fun of it, you are a perfect a candidate for contacts.

What Kinds of Contacts Does Vision Source Offer?

At Vision Source Castle Hills, we offer a wide variety of contact lens types, both for traditional and hard to fit prescriptions. These include:

  • Disposable contact lenses – These one-day use contacts are the most popular type in the U.S.
  • Daily wear contacts – This kind of contact is taken out and cleaned each night so they can be reused daily.
  • Extended wear lenses – Many people like extended wear contact lenses because they can be worn for at a time before having to remove and cleanse them.
  • Rigid gas permeable contacts – Some people need a rigid lens for clearer vision than traditional soft lenses.
  • Colored contact lenses - These lenses change or enhance the color of your eyes.
  • Specialty lenses - for patients with unusual vision correction problems astigmatism.

What Are Some Reasons Specialty Lenses May Be Needed?

Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is more common as people age, but even teenagers can develop this problem. Should you have dry eye, your doctor may recommend Gas permeable (GP) and Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses because they do not dry out as easily as soft lenses.  


Because this condition makes it more difficult to fit regular contact lenses, Toric contact lenses that are custom made to fit your eyes are often needed.


Most often seen in people over 40 years old, this is a common condition that often calls for multifocal contact lenses. Like bifocals or progressives, multifocal lenses require about a week to adjust to their use.


This condition, in which the cornea develops a bulge, can be aided by Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) or scleral contact lenses.

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Our team is dedicated to making sure you have the right contact lenses for your prescription and lifestyle. When you come in for a contact lens exam, we'll measure your eyes, and consult with you to see which type of contact lenses fit you best.

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