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Contact Lens Exams

Your journey from glasses to contacts begins with a contact lens exam at Vision Source Castle Hills. During this appointment, our eye doctor performs specialized tests that aren't part of a regular eye exam. Learn more about contact lens exams from our optometrist in northern San Antonio.


What to Expect in a Contact Lens Exam

Dr. Raul Trevino uses a phoropter and an eye chart to determine whether you have normal vision. Like any other exam, you will perform tests to track how well your eyes work independently and together.

You may also receive eye drops to dilate your eyes. This enables the eye doctor to search for signs of cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other diseases. Finding early signs can lead to a positive outcome for treatments.

What Happens in a Contact Lens Exam?

During the contact lens exam, the doctor also checks for astigmatism and other conditions that could interfere with your ability to wear contacts. However, you may still qualify for specialty lenses that take your condition into account.

Most people can wear contact lenses comfortably with a little practice. Depending on how active you are and your overall lifestyle, the optometrist can make a recommendation on which lenses you can use to replace your glasses.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Contacts

Clients who are old enough to change their contacts and wear them responsibly make great candidates for contact lenses. Preteen children may not be mature enough for this responsibility. Older adults often wear contact lenses. If you have dry eye syndrome or other conditions, extra precautions may be in order.

A Change of Lifestyle

When you switch from glasses to contact lenses, you can participate in sports, say goodbye to uncomfortable glasses and enjoy a glasses-free look.

When you visit our office, we can show you several brands and styles to choose from. When you find a comfortable style, we can show you how to take the lenses out and put them in with ease. You also learn how to care for your contacts when you aren't wearing them.

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with our Eye Doctor

Is it time to give up your glasses or at least have a second option? At Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio, we aim to help your transition to contacts move along seamlessly. Contact us today at (210) 344-1400 to make an appointment with our eye doctor to discuss all your vision needs.