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Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies

Life in the Lone Star State means dealing with a lot of sun, wind, pollen, and sand in the air. At times, your eyes could become weary, watery, and seemingly want to cry. Odds are, you have an eye allergy causing your problems. Your local eye doctor in the northern San Antonio area can do a full eye exam to learn what is causing your problem. Eye allergies drops might be a simple solution to your problem. Or you might have a more serious issue that needs attention. Here at Vision Source Castle Hills we can diagnose the problem and provide effective treatment.


Signs that You Have an Eye Allergy

The first sign of an eye allergy is eye irritation. You also might develop a swollen upper eyelid and discharge in and around your tear ducts. The common signs of eye allergies almost always result in the same effect: tired, sore, scratchy, and tear-filled eyes. The most obvious causes of eye allergies are air-born allergens and other debris that enter the eyes.

Home Remedies Often Do Not Help

Many people choose to skip seeing an optometrist and go to a medical doctor. This is a mistake. Whenever your vision or eyes are causing you any difficulty, visiting an optometrist is the best solution. Your optometrist can prescribe eye drops for kids or adults that can help with the symptoms and keep the area sterile. Your local northern San Antonio optometrist can teach you how to treat allergic inflammation around the eyes instead of using ineffective home remedies and other self-prescribed solutions.

Seek Relief Today

Here at Vision Source in Castle Hills we can help relieve eye swelling from allergic conjunctivitis and other related problems. Just give our friendly staff a call at 210-344-1400 and schedule a time to come in as soon as you need. We will give your eyes a full diagnostic examination and determine the best treatment for you. Oftentimes, medicated eye drops will help with itchy watery eyes and other problems related to eye allergies. Our professional optometrist services will help to restore your eye health and vision with effective treatment. We also will help identify the cause of your allergies and help you prevent them from troubling you again with allergy drops, steroid eye drops, and other effective treatments.