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There Are Benefits to Getting Prescription Sunglasses from Your Eye Doctor

It’s easy to find sunglasses. You can buy them at big box stores, in pharmacies, at the sporting goods store, and even in convenience stores. But there are definite advantages in getting prescription sunglasses from your eye doctor at Vision Source Castle Hills.


Only prescription sunglasses offer the exact vision correction you need.

If you have perfect vision or if you wear contacts all the time, buying non-prescription sunglasses is fine. We still recommend that you get your non-prescription sunglasses from your eye doctor at Vision Source Castle Hill because we have a far better selection of styles and frames than other sources, but if you wear eyeglasses, you need sunglasses that correct your vision. Don’t settle for clip-ons. Get prescription sunglasses from Vision Source Castle Hills.

Your optometrist has options for outdoor sports vision you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether your fun in the sun involves tennis, golf, softball, fishing, or just taking a drive to the coast or Hill County, your optometrist can give you prescription sunglasses that enhance your enjoyment of your time outdoors. Your eye doctor can prescribe tints that enhance your vision at sunrise and sunset or that make it easier to see a ball. An optometrist can prescribe lenses with polarized coatings that block glare so it’s easier to drive, and easier to see around water.

Your optometrist is your best source for sunglasses that look good.

When you buy sunglasses off the rack, there’s nobody to help you find the exact pair that gives you the perfect look. Whether you are buying prescription sunglasses or non-prescription sunglasses from your eye doctor, you will have the help of an experienced professional for finding the right sunglasses for your face, your skin tone, your hair, and your style.

Making the perfect match for your best look isn’t as easy as trying on lots of pairs of sunglasses off the rack (and you may have trouble finding a store that will let you do that these days). Let your optometrist and optician at Vision Source Castle Hills help you find exactly the look you want at the price you can afford.

Make an appointment to get your prescription sunglasses from your optometrist at Vision Source Castle Hills!

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