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Sunglasses from Your San Antonio Optometrist

Are your eyes protected from solar radiation? No eye care regimen is complete with eyewear that spares your eyes from one of their worst enemies: the sun. Although we couldn’t see anything without its light, the sun is also a common source of vision loss, eye damage, and skin damage. Our San Antonio optometrist wants to help you protect your vision and eye health, so we offer prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for all our patients. Learn why it’s so important to wear sunglasses, and how we make sure every pair of sunglasses is the right fit for our patients.

Women enjoying their time outside, wearing sunglasses.

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Why wear sunglasses? These fashion accessories are also an important defense against ultraviolent (UV) radiation. Some sunglasses are designed to block almost all UV radiation, as well as significant amounts of intense visible sunlight. Here are some of the benefits of wearing sunglasses with UV-resistant lenses:

  • Prevents Glares - Bright, blinding glares can be distracting, painful, and even deadly (if they happen while you’re operating a vehicle). Sunglasses reduce the intensity of daylight to prevent harsh glares.
  • Prevents Photokeratitis - Technically a “sunburn” of the eye itself, this condition causes irritation and redness but can be prevented by wearing sunglasses.
  • Reduces Risk of Eye Diseases - Cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer of the eyelid skin have all been linked to excessive UV exposure, and the sun can also speed up the progression of these debilitating diseases.
  • Sharpens Vision - Polarized lenses don’t correct vision (unless they’re also prescription lenses), but they do eliminate glares, and our optical lenses are also designed to prevent any image distortion associated with cheaper sunglasses.

Why Wear Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses have all the benefits of traditional sunglasses, but they also correct refractive errors with custom prescription lenses. Instead of sticking to eyeglasses that don’t block solar radiation – or restoring to lenses that must be detached and reattached – invest in a pair of custom prescription lenses from our San Antonio optometry center.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Sunglasses at Vision Source Castle Hills

Every face and every patient is unique, so we make sure we have unique sunglasses for everyone too. Browse our selection of designer frames and lenses to find a pair that is perfect for your features and your personal style. Our optometry team will work with you to narrow down your options and make sure your new sunglasses have the right lenses in place for your eye care and vision care needs.

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