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How to Cope with Eye Floaters

Eye floaters often cause a bit of alarm in people who have just noticed these specks or webby formations in their vision. However, many times these floaters are normal and not a sign of anything wrong. You do want to have floaters evaluated, however, because floaters can sometimes be a sign of something else going on in your eyeballs. An eye doctor at Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio can take a look and see if what you're seeing is anything that needs further action.


What Are Those Specks and Floaty Things?

Eye floaters can take the form of small black or gray dots, or stringy, web-like masses that don't really have a color. These specks and masses move, often moving up as you look up and then drifting down and out of your vision.

For many people, floaters are normal. The appearance of a floater or two, or one of those colorless web-like masses that drift downward, is not really a cause for concern if you have no other symptoms. You just have to get used to them, and eventually you'll be so used to them that you won't really notice them.

Floaters are actually little bits of the vitreous layer in your eye. Bits of this gel-like substance can break off or loosen and sag, which sounds terrible, but not when it's a tiny speck here and there. The bits pass through your line of vision, so you see a dot or a shadow of something drift down. Floaters are a common occurrence associated with age.

However, there can be more severe issues that cause floaters. Generally, if you see a lot of new floaters at once, you experience other problems with your vision, you have pain, you just had surgery on your eye, or you have flashes of light in the same eye, then you need to see an optometrist for treatment. You could have a detached retina, an infection, diabetic retinopathy, bleeding, or a bad reaction to medication or surgery. Those do need attention as soon as possible.

Good Eye Care Identifies Conditions That Can Cause Floaters

Optometrists can take a look at your eyes and see if there is another condition that's leading to your floaters. Call Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio at (210) 344-1400 to arrange for an appointment.