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Low Vision

Low Vision Eye Care

So many people jokingly say they're as blind as a bat. Not all of these individuals classify as blind or even low vision. Low vision has a specific criterion for diagnosis, and fortunately, Vision Source Castle Hills, serving northern San Antonio, TX and the nearby region, offers you solutions to optimize your minimal eyesight.


Defining Low Vision

If you have low vision, your acuity is 20/70 or worse when wearing contacts or glasses. To classify as a patient with low vision, we use the acuity in your better eye to diagnose this condition. Another issue that we consider to be low vision is having a restricted field of vision of 20 degrees or less. Having tunnel vision caused by glaucoma could mean you have low vision. Our doctor of optometry may also diagnose you with low vision if you have blind spots since a blind spot could restrict your field of vision.

The Causes of Low Vision

Adults are more likely to have low vision than children. A child, however, could have low vision as a result of a birth defect or injury. Adults, on the other hand, often experience low vision due to diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or cataracts.

Diagnosing Low Vision

Our doctor of optometry diagnoses low vision after a thorough vision screening and eye health exam. We'll ask if you're having any issues performing daily tasks. Our eye doctor will also inquire if you still have problems even with your contacts in or while wearing glasses.

During the first part of your exam, our optometrist assesses your visual acuity through a machine with lenses you look through. You read the lines of letters after switching different magnifying powers. We determine the severity of your vision deficit. We'll also ask you to identify which of two pictures looks clearer to you. This portion of the exam helps determine if you have astigmatism and to what extent.

The next portion of your examination is a thorough eye health screening. This part of your eye care appointment checks the pressure of your eye, which helps our optometrist in diagnosing glaucoma. Our eye doctor will use a magnifying device to look into your eye that helps us screen for issues like retinopathy. We may also perform other tests based on your age and risk factors.

Treatment for Low Vision

First and foremost, we'll treat any underlying problems that are causing your low vision. For example, our eye doctor may refer you to an eye surgeon for cataract-removal surgery. Our eye doctor can prescribe medication for glaucoma. We will provide advice to help you live with your low vision comfortably. We may also advise you to use a magnifying device to read.

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