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Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

If your child has a lazy eye, what optometrists call amblyopia, rest assured, the condition is treatable. This condition occurs commonly, affecting between two and three percent of children. While it can cause lifelong vision problems if left unchecked, our northern San Antonio eye doctors at Vision Source Castle Hills can help correct the issue, normalizing your child's sight.


What Is Amblyopia?

You may not realize your child has amblyopia. Both eyes can appear normal, but one eye does not focus correctly. The brain often looks through one eye more clearly than the other. An eye doctor will test your child to see if there are significant differences in visual acuity between the eyes. If so, your child likely has a lazy eye.

How Does an Eye Doctor Treat This Condition?

Treating amblyopia does not cause pain to your child. Eye drops in the stronger eye to blur vision, forcing the weaker eye to work hard and strengthen has proven effective in treating lazy eye. Another option is wearing a patch over the stronger eye for part of the day. Studies have shown that some children can wear a patch for as little as two hours a day and see visual improvements.

No matter how old your child is, care for his condition can likely still be implemented. Research has shown success for children as old as 17, but earlier treatment is better so that a child's education isn’t affected. This condition stresses the importance of regular eye exams, without which, you may never realize your child has a condition that needs treating.

What Can Happen without Treatment?

If you don't get your child the appropriate eye care for amblyopia, the condition will not correct itself. Untreated lazy eye is the leading cause of visual impairment in one eye among older children and adults. Without scientific studies looking at treating adults with this problem, it's unclear if the condition becomes permanent in adulthood or not.

Get Help with Correcting Your Child's Amblyopia

Eye care for your child is just as much of a priority as physical exams. If you need a northern San Antonio optometrist to help your child get the best eyesight care possible or to treat amblyopia, we're here for you. Call us at Vision Source Castle Hills at (210) 341-5774 to make an appointment to get started on lifelong vision care for your whole family. You can even send us a message online. Our optometrists are looking forward to helping you and your child.