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Frame Selection

Frame Selection for Glasses At Your Northern San Antonio Optometrist

It can be difficult to choose frames for your glasses when there are so many options  available. Factors like budget, what kind of activities you like to do, and aesthetics all contribute to your selection of glasses in northern San Antonio. At Vision Source Castle Hills, your nothern San Antonio optometrist, we can provide helpful suggestions about frame selection.

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Lifestyle Factors

Budget and activities are the main lifestyle factors for most people who need glasses in northern San Antonio. Luckily, modern glasses frames come in a wide range of prices and styles to meet your needs, many of which are available through your northern San Antonio eye doctor. Like most things, it is worth spending a little more than the cheapest option in order to get high-quality frames that will last a long time. However, the most expensive options are not necessarily the best. Ask your optometrist in northern San Antonio if they recommend a particular brand.

Glasses that you will wear while being active should be sturdy and fit very well. Most active people spend a lot of time outside, so a pair of prescription sunglasses from your northern San Antonio optometrist are called for. Wrap-around styles help keep the sun out of your eyes and do a good job of providing clear peripheral vision. Your optometrist in northern San Antonio may have other suggestions.

Another factor to consider is where you will be wearing these glasses. A pair of funky-colored plastic frames that go great with your Friday night outfit might not be the right choice for Monday morning's business meeting. As your eye doctor in northern San Antonio, we offer great choices for whatever type of situation you expect to find yourself in.

The Right Frames for Your Face

Choosing the right frames for your face is, of course, a matter of opinion. However, some suggestions are commonly made by experts like a northern San Antonio optometrist to help people find the most flattering frame shape for their faces:

  • Square faces should avoid square or rectangular frames. Choose dark or boldly-colored round, oval, or rimless rectangles instead.
  • Round faces should avoid round or oval frames. Choose strong, possibly dark-colored rectangular or square frames.
  • Oval faces can look good in most frames. Avoid oversized styles that might overwhelm your features.
  • Heart-shaped faces can be tricky. Rounder frames in general are good, as well as rimless frames, usually in lighter colors.
  • Diamond-shaped faces do best in oval frames, with or without rims. Avoid narrow or very thin frames.

Often, the best way to know if a frame complements your facial features is simply to put it on. Your eye doctor in northern San Antonio can provide plenty of options to help you decide.

Frame Selection with Our Northern San Antonio Eye Doctor

Vision Source Castle Hills, your northern San Antonio eye doctor, provides multiple flattering frame styles for every kind of face. An optician is an expert in frames and can help you make all of the necessary decisions about style. He or she will also make sure that the frames are comfortable and adjusted properly.

Dr. Raul Trevino, your optometrist in northern San Antonio, provides the prescription that the optician uses to make the glasses for you. To schedule a visit with our eye doctor in northern San Antonio, contact us today at (210) 341-5774!