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Eye & Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams from Your Northern San Antonio Optometrist

When you visit your northern San Antonio optometrist at Vision Source Castle Hills, you’ll always receive outstanding and personalized care. Our team is available to help you to protect your vision and prevent eye health complications through routine eye exams and vision exams. We recommend coming in at least one time a year for a vision screening, and more often if you suffer from any vision or eye health concern.

What to Expect from Eye Exams in Castle Hills

After scheduling eye exams in Castle Hills for you and your family, you can expect your optometrist to provide you with a thorough screening. The first component of the eye exam looks at the structure of your eyes and the overall health of the eye. Here, we are looking for any signs of eye diseases or muscle, nerve, or pressure complications. Common types of eye diseases we are looking for and able to diagnose include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts

If you have these conditions, routine eye exams can help us to give you the proper treatment for those conditions. Ultimately, we want to protect your vision as long as possible.

Your Vision Exam from Your Eye Doctor in Northern San Antonio

The second portion of your exam will focus on your vision. A vision exam is an opportunity for our team to determine just how good your vision is. This vision acuity test looks for any reduction in your vision. Conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are often present. If we find these areas of concern, your eye doctor in northern San Antonio will offer treatment options. This may include prescription eyeglasses.

We also provide contact lens exams. When you visit with your optometrist in northern San Antonio, request a contact lens exam. This is a different type of eye exam that also includes taking specific measurements to determine if you would be a good candidate for contact lenses. A part of this eye care includes a contact lens fitting.

What to Expect from Your Optometrist in Northern San Antonio

When you come in for an eye exam, your optometrist in northern San Antonio will speak to you about any vision concerns you have. Tell us about any changes in your eyesight such as blurry vision, black spots, or limited quality vision. We will perform both types of vision and eye care screenings and then offer any treatment options you need. Your appointment is a fantastic time to talk to us about steps you can take to minimize the risks to your vision. We can also help you with LASIK eye surgery. And, if you need a prescription, we have a large selection of lenses and frames available for you to select from.

Eye Exam and Consultation

During an eye exam, Dr. Raul Trevino will ask you questions about any symptoms or issues you are experiencing, medications you are currently taking, any blurry vision, your work environment, and your overall health. Family history and previous eye or vision conditions will also be discussed during this part of the examination. Dr. Trevino will consider this information when determining any treatments or recommendations.

Vision Testing

Regular vision testing and evaluations ensure that you always have the clearest vision possible. Our San Antonio optometrist provides regular vision acuity test as part of a comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Trevino will measure how each eye is seeing by using a wall eye chart and a reading eye chart. The results of these tests are portrayed as a fraction, with 20/20 being the standard for normal distance and reading vision. Depending on the results of your vision test, Dr. Trevino may prescribe corrective glasses, contacts, or eye exercises.

Eye Function Testing

In addition to vision testing, an eye exam in our San Antonio office includes testing eye functionality. Our optometrist performs several tests to evaluate depth perception, color vision, eye muscle capabilities, peripheral vision, and responsiveness to light. Several other simple tests are completed to determine whether the eyes are focusing, moving, and working together properly. The test results enable Dr. Trevino to diagnose any underlying conditions that may be impairing the eyes ability to focus or work together.

Eye Health

As part of a comprehensive eye exam, our San Antonio optometrist examines the overall health of the eye through a visual examination and tonometry. Dr. Trevino evaluates eye health by visually inspecting the eye and eyelids using magnification and a bright light. To examine the internal structures of the eye, we may dilate the pupils. Increased eye pressure may be an indicator of glaucoma, so we utilize tonometry to measure eye pressure. After completing these short tests, Dr. Trevino reviews the results and discusses an treatments with you. Contact us at (210) 341-5774 today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.

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