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Conjunctivitis Treatment at Your Northern San Antonio Optometrist

Conjunctivitis (more commonly called pink eye) is one of the most common eye infections in the U.S., affecting millions of adults and kids each year. Fortunately, treating pink eye is usually fairly straightforward, but the key is to see your eye doctor at the first sign of symptoms to prevent the infection from becoming worse and to avoid spreading it to other people. As a top northern San Antonio optometrist, Vision Source Castle Hills offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for conjunctivitis, providing welcome relief for irritating symptoms while keeping eye damage at bay.

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What is Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is an infection that affects the conjunctiva, a clear membrane that covers the front of your eye and the inside surface of your eyelids. Conjunctivitis is very contagious, and most people who develop pink eye wind up infecting themselves when they touch an infected surface, then rub their eye, transferring the germs to the eye surface or the rims of their lids. You can also get pink eye by using infected eye makeup or by wearing contact lenses that have become infected. 

Symptoms of Pink Eye

Like its name implies, pink eye can cause your eyes to appear reddish or pinkish. Most people who have conjunctivitis also have persistent itching or burning sensations, accompanied by increased tear production and blurry vision. Sometimes, the tears will form a crust along the lashes, especially during sleep. Allergies and some other issues can cause similar symptoms, and it's important to see an experienced northern San Antonio eye doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms so you can receive the most appropriate care.

Diagnosing Your Eyes

Pink eye is diagnosed during an eye exam that uses special lenses and lights to examine your eyes. In most cases, a skilled eye doctor in northern San Antonio can make the diagnosis of conjunctivitis based on the results of the eye exam and a review of your symptoms. Sometimes, the eye doctor may take a small sample of your tears so they can be evaluated. This type of analysis can help determine the germ that's causing the infection, and it can be helpful in people with infections that may be difficult to clear up.

Treating Conjunctivitis

Treating pink eye begins with the use of special eye drops that destroy the germ causing the infection. It's also very important to throw away any eye makeup to avoid recontamination of your eyes, and you should also throw away any contact lenses you've worn while your eyes have been infected. During treatment, you'll probably need to avoid contact lens wear entirely until the infection is cleared and your eyes heal. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes and make sure to wash your hand thoroughly before touching your eyes for any reason. 

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Conjunctivitis requires prompt care to prevent more serious infection and vision problems. As a top-rated optometrist in northern San Antonio, Vision Source Castle Hills offers the care you need to get rid of the infection and enjoy better eye health. If you have symptoms of conjunctivitis or any change in your vision, call the office at (210) 341-5774 and schedule an office visit today.