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At Vision Source Castle Hills, serving Castle Hills, TX, we have an optometrist in San Antonio, TX, that offers eye care for floaters. This is an annoying problem that can be the sign of a bigger issue. Fortunately, our eye doctor can help. 

General Information

If you have a floater, it may appear as a line or thread. Sometimes, they look like cobwebs or a small spot. It could also be a squiggly line. It'll float across your field of vision, thus the name floaters. 

What's interesting about floaters is you can't zero in on one. They'll continuously move as you move your eyes. 

Floaters might be an occasional problem for some people. Other people have them all the time. In some cases, you may notice them more often when you look at a white sheet of paper or at the sun. 

Cause of Floaters 

Floaters often arise from age, as your eye changes. There are other reasons for floaters as well that aren't as serious.

The problem could be minor or major. Here are some other potential causes: 

  • Retinal tear
  • Retinal detachment
  • Eye inflammation
  • Vitreous detachment
  • Eye surgery

People who are nearsighted, have diabetes, or had cataract surgery, are more prone to floaters than those without these issues. 

Diagnosis Process and Treatment 

Our optometry specialist will start your appointment out with a standard screening if you're in for an eye exam. You can then mention that you have floaters. At this point, we may recommend you receive a dilation exam. This test consists of our eye doctor using special eye drops to dilate your eyes. From this, our optometrist can look into your eye.

If you don't mention floaters, we may be able to detect certain problems whenever we perform an eye health screening.

In the less serious cases, you won't need any type of treatment. However, if the floaters are interfering with your life, our optometry specialist may recommend a treatment to help. It could consist of you needing surgery to correct the problem if it is serious. 

If we can determine the cause of the floaters, we may provide you with a treatment to address the underlying cause. 

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We at Vision Source Castle Hills, serving Castle Hills, TX, are an option for those looking for an optometrist in San Antonio, TX. We can diagnose your floaters and determine a treatment. Call us at (210) 341-5774