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Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Body Removal by Vision Source Castle Hills

It's no secret that your vision is one of your most important senses.  After all, as important as all of your senses are, your vision will help you get places that others won't.  That's why you should take special care that your eyes are treated right, especially when it comes to treating problems that you might encounter, especially when that care is provided by a qualified experienced optometrist such as Raul Trevino, O.D. at Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio.  Dr. Trevino is one of the top optometrists in the area, providing the unparalleled services of an experienced eye doctor, eye care, and treatment.  This includes, most notably, when there is a foreign body in your eye.


Eye Care Treatment of a Foreign Body

It goes without saying, but bears repeating, if you are ever faced with the problem of having a foreign body in your eye, don't remove it.  As bothersome and frightening as it might be, you should never remove a foreign body from your own eye.  This is because, first, it is difficult to see something that is in your own eye.  Also, even if the object is not actually stuck in your eye, it can cause severe damage to your eye, and quite possibly impact your vision for the rest of your life.

Much of your vision is due to the outermost clear covering of your eyeball, or what is called the cornea.  The cornea is responsible for refracting light, which accounts for approximately two-thirds of the eye's total optical power.  The cornea also serves to protect the remainder of the eye, keeping foreign materials from entering the eye.  When a foreign object gets into your eye, it can do two things.  First, it can irritate and scratch the cornea, which can make seeing clearly difficult.  A foreign body in your eye can also puncture the cornea, which can cause many more problems and is much more difficult to treat.

Foreign Body Removal

Regardless of the setting, if you get something in your eye, you should first contact an optometrist.  An optometrist is the one who is best qualified to make the judgmental whether you should get further treatment.  An optometrist has not only the education but also the experience to remove a foreign object without causing further damage and assessing whether damage to your eye has already occurred.  If damage to your eye has already happened, an optometrist will be able to treat you so your vision will not be harmed.

Regardless of your eye care needs, contact the vision professionals at Vision Source Castle Hills at (210) 341-5774.  Dr. Trevino and his staff are ready to serve you.