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Computer Vision

Vision Source Castle Hills optometry center provides complete eye care to patients in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Dr. Trevino offers his 30 years of experience to help patients get fitted with the right visual aids and keep their vision clear and eyes healthy. Annual exams at our optometry center include eye and vision exams, updating prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, and addressing whatever eye conditions the patient may be experiencing. We often help patients suffering from computer vision. 

Computer Vision

What Is Computers Vision?

Computer vision describes a group of symptoms that revolve around the very common circumstance of spending too many hours staring at a computer screen.  Prolonged focus on a screen causes wear and tear on the eye muscles. This often occurs when the eyes move along the same path and focus on a screen the same distance away, going back and forth reading lines of text.  Eye muscles can struggle to focus on and follow graphics that move and change rapidly and see through the glare created by a brightly lit screen.  Dealing with these issues each day can cause eye strain, muscle fatigue, headaches, and sometimes even neck strain, depending on how the patient holds his or her head while working on a computer.  

Dry eye syndrome can also develop as a side effect of computers vision.  Frequent computer usage results in less of an impulse to blink less than normal. Blinking naturally helps coat our eyes with a layer of tears.  The tear film produced by our eyes forms a moist layer of protection and lubrication that nourishes our eyes and helps to keep debris out.  Without frequent blinking to distribute tears across the eye, the tear film layer develops weak spots and contributes to dry, scratchy, or painful eyes.  Eventually, your vision can suffer, leading to blurriness or seeing double.

Risk Factors of Computers Vision

Those who habitually use computers are susceptible to computer vision syndrome. In fact, studies reveal that since computers are now making an earlier entrance than ever before in children’s lives, computer vision pops up even earlier now for many young people. People who have already experienced eye problems are more likely to develop computers vision. Those who are already prone to eye strain are more likely to develop computer vision.

How Our Eye Doctor Can Help

Our optometry experts at Vision Source Castle Hills will provide helpful information about computer vision, including up-to-date research developments.  Often, the best plan of action couples medication with adjustments to your work environment or habits.  Our eye doctor can advise you on ways to prevent glare from the screen, take breaks from looking at the computer, maintain your prescription, and avoid experiencing dry eyes.

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Patients in San Antonio and the surrounding area rely on our team at Vision Source Castle Hills for all their eye care needs. We can see if blue-light filtering lenses or other eye care options can help you manage and diminish your computer vision. Our optometrist is committed to providing our patients the eye care they need at any stage of life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your eye and vision care.