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Strabismus is a condition that is characterized by crossed eyes. It occurs when the eyes don't work together to focus on an object. One eye can be looking straight ahead and the other will be looking out, in, up, or down. For some, the eyes are crossed all the time. For others, the eyes crossed only when they are trying to focus on something or feeling tired. Fortunately, our eye doctors at Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio, TX can create a vision treatment plan to help the eyes align.

a child wearing new eyeglasses

Who Can Have Strabismus?

Strabismus is most common in children right after birth, however, it can occur later in life as well. The cause of strabismus can be a result of genetics, neurological problems that affect how the eyes function, or injuries to the eye. Most children that have this condition are diagnosed when they are between the ages of one and four years old.

What Complications Can Occur Without Treatment?

Without proper treatment, strabismus can result in visual complications. Children may experience double vision and vision loss. This can lead to problems with reading and overall seeing.

How Is Strabismus Treated?

The early this condition is treated, the better it will be your child. Our optometrist will consult with you about which treatment method will be best for your child. Strabismus treatment includes the following:

  • Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses can help straighten the eyes.
  • Eye Patch: Our eye doctor may recommend that your child wears an eye patch over the stronger eye that looks straight ahead. This will force the weaker eye that wanders to work harder. As the eye works harder, the muscles strengthen. Over time, the eyes should realign.
  • Surgery: If the eyeglasses and eye patch don't work, your child may need surgery. During the procedure, an eye surgeon would open the outer layer of the eyeball so that the eye muscles can be reached. A small section of the muscle would be removed on one end and then reattached at the same spot. This will make the eye muscle shorter, which can help the eye turn to the proper position.

If your child has strabismus, early eye care is essential. The earlier your child begins treatment, the better the chances are of the treatment being successful. Contact our optometrist at Vision Source Castle Hills in northern San Antonio today to schedule an appointment. You can reach us via online or calling 210-988-9517.