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Common Eye Injuries

Eye Injury Prevention and Treatment

No matter how mild or severe an eye injury is, it is important to know what to do if you sustain one—and how to avoid one in the first place. Our San Antonio optometrist wants you to feel prepared for the unexpected, so keep reading to learn more.


What Are Common Eye Injuries?

A few of the most common types of eye injury include:

  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage: leaking of the small blood vessels in the whites of the eye 
  • Traumatic iritis: inflammation of the colorful iris (usually due to a poke, jab, or direct blow)
  • Orbital blowout fracture: traumatic break of the bones around the eye socket
  • Retinal detachment: retinal tissue pulls away from the back of the eye
  • Corneal abrasion: a scratch on the clear tissue on the front of the eye
  • Foreign body impalement: a piece of debris becomes lodged in the eye
  • Chemical burn: damage caused by exposure to a caustic substance 

Symptoms of eye injury vary but can include pain, blurry vision, itching, watery discharge, and swelling. 

What to Do If You Sustain an Eye Injury

When you or a loved one sustains an eye injury, the most important step is to minimize further tissue damage as you await help. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Only flush out your eyes with water as advised by work safety protocols or if instructed by a medical professional 
  • Do not attempt to remove anything that is stuck in the eye
  • Lightly cover your eye with a clean cloth or gauze on your way to the hospital or urgent clinic
  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes
  • Do not put any medications or ointments on the eye unless instructed by a medical professional

Tips to Prevent Eye Injury

Early treatment of an eye injury is important to avoid severe complications like permanent vision loss. But preventing eye injury is even more important! Here are some top tips from our San Antonio optometry team: 

  1. Consult with an eye doctor. Some eye injuries are mild and eventually get better on their own. Other injuries, like orbital blowout fractures or retinal detachments, are considered medical emergencies and require immediate medical attention at a hospital. But even mild injuries may lead to complications such as infections, so we recommend meeting with an eye doctor to ensure your healing is going well. 
  2. Always wear protective eyewear during yard work, sports, etc. 
  3. Keep your prescription eyewear updated to ensure adequate vision. 

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