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Eye Infections

Eye infections are common and can usually be easily treated. You can trust our optometrist at Vision Source Castle Hills to get to the root of the problem and set you on the road to a quick recovery. If you live in or around San Antonio and have an eye infection, contact our team today for relief!


Common Eye Infections

Most of us have suffered the usually minor irritation of eye infections at one time or another. Red irritated eyes that may be puffy, itchy, burn, sting, or watery. These infections can range from a mild annoying condition to very painful. Here are some of the leading ailments that our optometrist at treats at Vision Source Castle Hills.

Pin Eye (Conjunctivitis): If you have not experienced conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, your siblings or children probably have. This disorder is caused by an inflammation of the eye’s mucous membrane or conjunctiva. This can take the form of a viral or bacterial infection, among other types. Bacterial infections are the type usually experienced by children. Pink eye can also be triggered by dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other substances getting in the eye. Depending on the underlying cause, the treatment options may include eye drops or advice on steering clear of certain allergens.

Stye: This common disorder takes the form of a bump just inside the eyelid line or along its edge. It is often caused by an unwashed hand touching the eye, which introduces bacteria. Most styes clear up without medical treatment. Gently use a warm cloth compress for fifteen minutes, four times a day. See our optometrist if the stye persists.

Keratitis: This infection of the cornea can be caused by wearing contact lenses too long or inadequately cleaning them. Redness, pain in the eye, and sensitivity to light are among its key symptoms. Treatment can include antibiotics, oral medications, or eye drops.

Endophthalmitis: This is among the most serious of eye infections. If left untreated, it could result in blindness. See your doctor immediately if you experience sudden eye pain and changes in your vision. The infection sometimes starts in another part of the body before affecting the fluid or tissue inside the eye. Treatment may involve antibiotics or anti-fungal injections, or emergency eye surgery.

Contact Us for Eye Infection Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Most eye infections are easily treatable by our optometrist if they are caught early. At Vision Source Castle Hills, Dr. Trevino will diagnose and treat your eye condition. Call us today at (210) 341-5774 to schedule an appointment.