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Glaucoma Services from Your Optometrist in Northern San Antonio, TX

Patients with glaucoma require a lifetime of professional treatment because of the threat of blindness.  Our optometry team at Vision Source Castle Hills screens patients at our optometry practice in northern San Antonio for this condition and other eye diseases during vision exams.  Those with a positive diagnosis receive a customized plan for treating the condition.

man receiving an eye exam for glaucoma

Glaucoma Overview

Glaucoma develops due to excessive pressure on the optic nerve from fluid within the eye.  This increased pressure is the result of the failure of aqueous humor to circulate correctly throughout the eye.

Since there is no cure for this unpreventable disorder, our optometrist’s goal is preserving an optimal amount of each patient’s sight.  This eye disease might develop in both eyes or just one.  It might also reach a more severe state in one eye than in the other. 


Many patients are unable to detect early symptoms.  For this reason, an eye doctor often diagnoses the disorder only after it has reached an advanced stage.  Common symptoms include:

  • Loss in the peripheral field of vision
  • Eye pain
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Cloudy-looking eyes


The typical patient for glaucoma is 40 years or older.  Those with an ethnic background that is Hispanic, Russian, African-American, Irish, Japanese, Scandinavian, or Inuit face an elevated risk of this disease.  Patients who are diabetic, take corticosteroid medications, have had prior eye trauma, or suffer from poor sight are also potentially at risk.

Genetics also plays a role.  Other potential causes include infections, blocked blood vessels, specific inflammatory conditions, and an eye injury caused by a chemical or by force.

Treatment from Optometry Team

Once diagnosed by our optometrist at Vision Source Castle Hills, glaucoma patients begin long-term treatment aimed at protecting the optic nerve by reducing pressure in the affected eye.  Our optometrist underscores the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. 

While each patient receives an individualized treatment plan, common therapies include medicated eye drops, systemic medications, and glasses with refractive corrections.  Some individuals undergo surgery that reduces eye pressure.  Controlling eye pressure can preserve maximum sight by slowing and in some cases even halting damage to the optic nerve.

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Vision is priceless and you want to protect it by undergoing regular eye exams.  Our northern San Antonio optometrist, Dr. Raul Trevino, offers expert care for many eye diseases and disorders in addition to prescribing glasses and contact lenses.  Be sure to call our Vision Source Castle Hills practice today at (210) 344-1400 to schedule an appointment.